5 Essential & Important Features That Will Be Standard In The Tata Nexon

Tata Nexon

The world is going crazy over the new Tata Nexon. Around four dozen journalists from around the country drove it over the last few days in Kerala and various automotive websites are enjoying the extra visitor traffic, thanks to all those reviews and image galleries. But in the middle of all this, some of them forgot to cater to the basic question and how well packed the entry level model really is.

Tata Nexon Rear

Tata knows how to offer best bang for your buck – the pricing of both the Tiago and Tigor reflect that. In this case, ie, the Nexon, not only will it be priced aggressively, the base entry level model of the Tata Nexon will be loaded up with features – some of these are not offered in the base entry level versions of its rivals.

  1. Safety kit with ABS (with EBD) and dual airbags

    Tata officials have confirmed that Anti-lock braking system along with electronic brake distribution will be standard in the Nexon. This is a huge step forward and we appreciate this move by Tata Motors. Sadly, the Brezza base model only offers a driver side airbag. The EcoSport fares better with dual airbags as standard, but not ABS

  2. Rear air-con ventsTata Nexon rear ac air-con vents
    God bless the soul who invented air-conditioning (Mr ‘Willis Haviland Carrier’ to be precise) – we Indians simply cannot live without this essential feature and as most us like to drive around with our friends or families on board, rear vents are fast gaining popularity. Thankfully, the Nexon comes with these as standard. The Breeza and EcoSport however do not come with this feature, even in the top end version
  3. Touch screen infotainment unit
    The Nexon’s ‘floating’ touch screen unit has been much talked about – its unique and eye-catching at the same time. The big news is, this will be a standard feature. Great move by Tata Motors. The top end version gets four speakers and four tweeters – the base will have to do with just the speakers – but nevertheless, good stuff as the Brezza does not come with an audio system at all. The EcoSport does, but a basic one.
  4. Day-time running lights (DRLs)
    Not many know that DRLs will soon be mandatory on all passenger cars. As of today though, both the Brezza and EcoSport do not come with DRLs as standard on the base version. The Nexon does – and they look stunning, both in the front and at the back.
  5. Tyre size – it matters!
    The Nexon rides on 16 inch wheels that come with 215mm wide tyres. The tyre size will be standard across all variants with the higher models getting alloy wheels. We personally feel that tyre size plays an important role in the overall aesthetics of a car. The Breeza in comparison gets thinner 205mm tyres on the base version as compared to 215 on the higher version. The EcoSport gets 195mm tyres on 15 inch wheels as compared to bigger ones on higher models.

All these features will go a long way in adding value to the product. The Nexon is speculated to come with an entry level sticker price of about Rs 6.5-6.7 lakh which makes it way cheaper than the rivals. Commercial launch is scheduled for September – here is a quick ‘raw’ walk-around video of the exteriors and the cabin

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