Bosch #BeyondMobility2016 : Connected & Smart solutions for your business


Bosch India today conducted an event at their Bangalore campus to showcase their range of solutions for various business sectors in India. These solutions go beyond the scope of mobility and are aimed to providing end to end solutions for various sectors.

“Customers are increasingly looking for suppliers who can offer them end-to-end solutions. Bosch is leveraging the combined strengths of its products to offer integrated solutions to meet the demands of customers across key growth sectors of India,” said Dr. Steffen Berns, managing director Bosch Limited and president of the Bosch Group in India.

Dr Steffen Berns addressing the media

The event saw various leaders from Bosch India talking about how the company is bringing about change in various sectors. These included mining, construction, packaging, transportation, smart city, energy and home appliances. Bosch is already running a smart city pilot projects in Bengaluru and is helping various factories increase their productivity. Their new age tools are affordable and the company has the right solutions to address India’s rapidly growing mass transport requirements.


I was particularly interested in how the company can help in the growth of smart cities in India. Using their core expertise in mobility solutions, Bosch India has been running pilot projects in this segment in Bengaluru. One of the solutions they have is the ‘Intelligent Parking System’ which allows commuters to find a space in crowded areas even before reaching the place. This can be done via the phone app and the user can even pay for the slot. Other solutions include Intelligent Traffic Management Systems and Citizen Safety & Security and Intelligent Transportation Systems.


Another area of interest for me was the solution to India’s mass transportation needs. The company has been deploying technologies pertaining to passenger announcement systems, passenger information display systems and CCTV with end-to-end integration at airports and stations as well. Further investments in local R&D are ongoing to localize more products.


For the uninitiated, Bosch is a major supplier of parts and software solutions to almost all the major automobile manufacturers in India. Internationally, they are currently testing a new way of safe commuting, via connected vehicles (read my earlier report) and in India, the company is testing a low cost alternative to AMT transmissions. It is called eclutch and Dr Steffen Berns (President, Bosch Group India) confirmed it is still under development in a positive sense.

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