Chennai Police Grounds 10 Supercars Worth 30 Crores

Chennai Supercars Racing Police ECR

They say India is the land of freedom. But this aint true for motoring enthusiasts. The government has allowed the import and sale of high end Supercars in India but if you exceed the speed limit, they will also impound your car and impose heavy fines. This is just what happened today in Chennai.

Man, isn’t she BEAUTIFUL

As per reports, a group of youngsters were driving on the famous ECR or the East Coast Road that connects Chennai with Mahabalipuram. Its a very scenic location and we are sure Sunday morning rides (and drives) are best enjoyed here for Chennai residents. A group of exotic Supercars too were here today.

The facts aren’t clear yet but what seemed to have happened is that as per previous complaints registered by residents, the cops were on their toes today and decided to play spoilsport. They tried stopping the ‘loud’ Supercars at Akkarai but were unsuccessful. A Lamborghini also reportedly ran over the foot of a police inspector. The cops then successfully intercepted the Supercars at the Uthandi toll plaza and took into custody the exotic machines.

The Lambo and the Porsche. Sweet!

The 10 (or so) Supercars that were grounded include a couple of Lamborghinis (Huracan and Aventador), a Mercedes AMG GT, a Ferrari 458 Italia and a couple of Audis. While the cops may be happy with their catch, the fact is that if the speed limit is just 50 km/h, why is the government allowing manufactures to sell cars in India in the first place. We can very well do with bullock carts rights?

Jokes aside, its a pity these smokingly hot gorgeous beauties had to go through all the trauma. We hope they are back in their respective parking lots soon. If you know one of these guys, we would love to hear their side of the story! Please spread the word.

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