Exclusive: Yamaha FZ25 vs Bajaj Dominar 400 In Pics

Yamaha FZ25 vs Bajaj Dominar 400

Ever since Yamaha launched the FZ25 a while back, it has been the talk of the town for various reasons. While enthusiasts have not appreciated the overall low output, I personally loved riding the bike around Goa earlier this week (review soon). Apart from that, I have been asked several times – is the Yamaha FZ25 any good as compare to the Bajaj Dominar 400?

Though these bikes are from a different segment (250cc vs 400cc), to answer the above question, I first decided to snap both the bikes together in flesh. These are the first images you see of the Yamaha FZ25 Bajaj Dominar 400 : both snapped together to make sure you can make out the differences. I also ensured both the bikes were in darker colors.
PS: This is not a proper ride comparison.

Yamaha FZ25 vs Bajaj Dominar 400 : Design

Yamaha FZ25 vs Bajaj Dominar 400

In terms of design, the Dominar is really good but I must say, the FZ25 looks stunning as well thanks to a sharper front headlamp and that muscular tank with extensions. The same holds true for the rear – the Dominar reminds you of the good old Pulsars with its tail lamp design whereas the FZ25 has better look lights at the back – a lot like the older bigger FJRs. Do remove the tyre hugger once you take the deliver though. That said, the Dominar is visually bigger, beating the FZ25 for length, width and height.
Another thing I love about the Dominar is the better speedometer LCD. However, the FZ25 hits back with a fuel economy display (instant and average).

Yamaha FZ25 vs Bajaj Dominar 400 : Engine Specs

Yamaha FZ25 vs Bajaj Dominar 400

The FZ25 instantly feels like a perfect urban tool – light weight, peppy and torquey engine and typical Yamaha smoothness. It is really refined till about 6500 rpm beyond which is when the vibes start but they never really bother you. The FZ25 is very quick till about 80 km/h and holding 100-105km/h all day long isn’t an issue. However, a 6th cog is missed for long rides. It will do about 49 in 1st, 76 in 2nd and 96 in 3rd. Given the road and the right rider, the FZ25’s speedometer will show about 135+. Great numbers but the Dominar 400 beats it.

Now on paper, the Dominar has a 49% larger motor with 67% more power and 60% higher torque. However, it is also a heavy bike. Hence, as per my seat-of-the-pants feel, the FZ25 and Dominar are neck to neck till about 60 after which the Dominar’s bigger engine helps it gain lot of brownie points. The let down? Vibrations – I did speak to a few other journos in Goa and most of them acknowledged the vibrations in this bike. Damn! But a 6th cog helps in terms of lower engine revs once you cross 70-80km/h.

Yamaha FZ25 vs Bajaj Dominar 400 : Value

Yamaha FZ25 vs Bajaj Dominar 400

In pure numbers, the Dominar is 14% more expensive. You do get a bigger bike, bigger engine and more features BUT at the cost of that important factor – smoothness. The FZ25 is a brilliant little bike with Yamaha quality, a torquey smooth motor and excellent dymanics. It will leave the Dominar behind on mountain roads – even the braking is far better though ABS is not an option. What would you pick? The lighter and agile FZ25 or the bigger and value for money Dominar 400?

Ending the article on a stunting note with these images 😀

Yamaha FZ25 Stoppie

Yamaha FZ25 wheelie

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