India’s Maddest 4×4 Coming From Sarbloh Motors : Scorpion MK IV

Sarbloh Scorpion MK 4x4 India (18)
Bad Ass!

This is just what the doctor ordered for the rising 4×4 community in India. Off-roading is fast catching up in the country and with events like RFC and Mahindra Off-road challenge now becoming regular, it is the right time for something like this. Let us talk about the companies involved in this first.

Sarbloh Motors: Brain child of┬áJaskirat Singh Nagra, they specialize in customization of jeeps and 4×4. Remember Gul Panag’s modified Mahindra Scorpio Getaway?

Preferred Chassis Fabrication Inc: Brain child of Dwaine Jungen, this US based company manufactures the Scorpion 4×4.

IronScorpion HMV Pvt. Ltd: The company that has been set-up with the partnership of Mr Nagra and Mr Jungen. This is based in North India and will make the Scorpion HMV here. By the way, HMV stands for ‘high mobility vehicle’

Now, what exactly is the Scorpion? Well, going by the images and short video we have, this thing can be assumed as a baby Hummer. The highlight is the chassis engineering and the massive articulation of the suspension. Throw in that “get the f*** outta my way” design and what you have is a vehicle that will not only conquer those weekend off-road stints, but also make you the coolest guy in town. Just make sure you have a physique good enough to be in the driver’s seat! Jokes apart, this vehicle is so capable, even the US Army uses these now.

The Sarbloh Scoprion MK IV (MK stands for Mortal Kombat) should go on sale in India early next year with over 50% localisation. The transmission and 4×4 parts like the transfer case which is made by Atlas, will come from the States (we hope Mr Trump and Mr Modi do not have any objection to this!).

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