Isuzu V Cross modified by Bimbra 4×4 [Images & Details]


I own and drive a Mahindra XUV5OO. Its seldom that I see a vehicle big and aggressive enough in my rear view mirror to take notice and get conscious about it. But this one was different. The raised stance, the massive height and protruding tyres made the vehicle the center of attraction as we made our way through traffic to the shoot location.

We stopped at a red-light. Hatchbacks and sedans looked like mere mortals and almost every driver looked at this particular huge monster with amazement. Tall, dark and handsome, this done up Isuzu DMax V Cross had me hooked the day I saw it on Taran’s profile and I so wanted to see it in action. This was it, the day had arrived…


The Isuzu V Cross was first showcased at the Auto Expo earlier this year in Greater Noida. Since then it was given sleepless nights to enthusiasts who always wanted a reliable and rugged 4×4 SUV cum pick-up to conquer the unknown and yet be a comfortable daily companion. Once it went on sale, most owners resorted to subtle mods but the one that caught my eyes was this one.



Taran runs one of the most famous but more importantly, one of the most trusted brands in Delhi NCR when it comes to modifying a SUV / 4×4 / Pick-up. He himself owns a done up Thar and a Fortuner and recently bought the V Cross, the one you see here.

This Isuzu has a lot of potential and Taran went a step ahead to make it even more capable.

To start off, it is currently in stock condition when it comes to the engine but an ECU re-map is on the cards. Apart from that, this V Cross is a lot different.


Externally, this one gets a front heavy duty bumper which also allows for a better approach angle. There is a new skid plate (Raptor Coated) with integrated indicators and LED lamps. You also notice a ‘Muscle Lift winch’ with a rating of 12500lbs along with a synthetic rope. The snorkel is a functional too.


The wheels have 38mm spacers and this helps the tyres to protrude out just a bit.  The 265/70 R16 Goodrich tyres are mounted on standard alloys which get black power coating. He also added door and bonnet visors, stickers all around and the rear get a new tow hook. This V Cross also gets Hella Micro De Fog lights on the roof and the increased ground clearance also comes via the Ironman suspension.

There are side rock sliders, a sports bar (black power coated), the bed liner is coated and the Ironman 40mm performance kit is visible to the naked eye. On the inside, you get a MapmyIndia Head Unit with rear sensors and reverse camera (connected to steering controls) and a Kenwood 4 channel amplifier. Taran says he is now set for the next stage of mods which includes a rear heavy duty bumper withl a higher departure angle, leather seats and ofcourse an ECU Remap. His company is also developing a D-Box and a Full Canopy.


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  1. Hey, where did you source the BFG tyres? Is it available in India? And I read that someone was developing the d-box? Is it ready? I might need one. Looking for the d-box, bed liner, BFG upsized tyres, and interested in the bul bar and roll bar.