Mahindra e2o Plus price + everything you want to know!

mahindra e20 plus 4-door india

The world is finally moving on to greener mobility solutions. Mahindra has been leading the change in the Indian automotive sector with cars like the e2o, Verito and recently introduced eSupro vans (read report). Ashok Leyland has also showcased their made in India “Circuit” electric bus (read report) but the big news for mass segment comes in the form of the 4-door e20.

It is called the Mahindra e2o Plus, has four doors and can carry four people in comfort and silence. There are four versions on sale with the base P2 being only for commercial usage. Prices vary as per state and tax benefits : for Delhi, the range starts at Rs 5,46,330 for the P4 version. This is a bold and intelligent step by Mahindra and this new model aims to answer a lot of questions from prospective buyers.

mahindra e20 plus 4-door india

Mahindra e20 prices across India: 
Aurangabad: Rs 7,03,904 onwards
Bangalore: Rs 6,73,477 onwards
Chandigarh: Rs 6,58,457 onwards
Cochin: Rs 6,96,330 onwards
Hyderabad: Rs 7,68,288 onwards
Jaipur: Rs 6,58,457 onwards
Kolkata: Rs 6,96,330 onwards
Mumbai: Rs 7,03,904 onwards
Pune: Rs 7,03,904 onwards

mahindra e20 plus 4-door india

So as you see, the e2o Plus is the cheapest in Delhi, thanks to all those government incentives. At the same, its a shame other states are not waking up to the green mobility challenge. They should come out with incentives and state benefits to lower the price point of electric cars.

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Mahindra e2o Plus versions

The e20 is available in four versions of P2, P4, P6 and P8. As discussed, the P2 is for commercial usage and for personal usage, the P4 is the actual base version. Here’s a quick look at what all these versions have to offers in terms of features.

mahindra e20 plus 4-door india

  1. Mahindra e2o Plus P2
    1. Hill hold assist
    2. Key with RFID
    3. Driver information system
    4. Manual air-conditioning
    5. Electric power windows
    6. Remote keyless entry and remote lock
    7. Remote hatch actuation
    8. Electronically adjustable outside mirrors
    9. Full wheel caps and mud flaps
    10. Projector headlamps and LED tail lamps
    11. Remote App
    12. Quick charge socket
  2. Mahindra e2O Plus P4 
    1. Same as above but the P4 does not get the quick charge socketmahindra e20 plus 4-door india interior
  3. Mahindra e2o Plus P6 (in addition to P4)
    1. Priced Rs 48,761 more (Delhi)
    2. Reverse parking camera
    3. Cubic printing on center stack
    4. Infotainment system with Bluetooth
    5. Body colored outside mirrors
    6. Under hood lampmahindra e20 plus 4-door india interiors
  4. Mahindra e2o Plus P8 (in addition to P6)
    1. Priced Rs 2,51,368 more (Delhi)
    2. A more powerful battery
    3. Better performance
    4. Longer driving range
    5. Alloy wheels
    6. Quick charging socket (this is only in P2 and P8)

mahindra e20 plus 4-door india boot

Mahindra e2o battery  / power specifications

Mahindra is providing two different output options with the new e20 Plus hatchback. The P2, P4 and P6 versions come with a power output of 25 bhp from the motor along with torque of 70Nm. The P8 has a more powerful motor with a peak output of 40 bhp and torque of 91Nm. This results in peppier performance with faster top speed and quicker acceleration along with a longer range of 140km as compared to 110km for the P2, P4 and P6 versions.

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But this new 4-door electric car is not only about the motor performance but the kind of intelligent features it comes with. With the app, you  can know of charging stations around your city as  you drive through. You can also pre-cool your car before stepping inside on a hot summer day. Then there is remote diagnostics and direct drive which make city runs a breeze. There is no clutch pedal, just a lever you use to flicking between modes of D (drive), R ( reverse), P (park) and N (neutral). You also get a fully digital instrumentation console that shows you a plethora of information.

mahindra e20 plus 4-door india

Mahindra e2o Plus running costs

The e2o plus is claimed to have running cost of Rs 0.70 per kilometer. Even if you take it as a rupee per km, it turns out to be less than 1/4th of a conventional petrol hatchback. With a typical driving cycle of 1,500km per month, you can end up saving Rs 65,000 per year or close to Rs 2 lakh in three years. You can also avail tax savings in the first year via depreciation benefits. Ofcourse you will have to pay for battery costs every few years but you save on regular servicing add-ons.

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We feel the e2o Plus is finally the right launch that will make consumers take notice. It is priced 20-30% over other conventional mid-size hatchbacks and given the ease of driving with no noise, this car reduces your daily driving hassles too. Mahindra Electric has also come up with increased driving range – 140km in the P8 is more than enough for two days of driving around town. Watch this space for a first drive review soon!

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