Mahindra e2O Plus launch on 21st October [Images]


Mahindra Electric is all set to launch its new electric car in India : this is basically the 4-door version of the current e20 hatchback. So, all those who rave for practical eco-friendly vehicles, the wait is finally over.

The e2O Plus is expected to be launched on the 21st October in New Delhi and will come with new advanced features including increased range and faster charging. Most importantly, it will sport four doors and will be able to seat four adults comfortably.

Mahindra e20 plus india

Mahindra and Mahindra, a part of the US $17.8 billion Mahindra Group has a small sister unit “Mahindra Electric” which also launched the electric eSupro cargo and passenger vans recently (read report). Back to this new electric hatchback, as the name suggests, it’s a combination of e20 and Plus. The later stands for positive impact in our lives while the former means energy to oxygen. Expect this four door electric car to do about 80 km/h top speed with a range of close to 100km. As is the case with any electric car, there are no gears that need shifting – this further adds to the convenience factor.

Mahindra e20 plus india


As the levels of pollution have started digging graves for humans, this vehicle emerges out to be a new promise to save the world.  The new e2o is next generation car which apart from normal benefits like low costs, driving ease, home charging and zero emission features some other critical aspects like stylish interiors as well as exteriors, increased charging capabilities and wide range as compared to the previous generation.

Mahindra e20 plus india

Mr Pravin Shah, the director of Mahindra Electric unfolded on the development of e2o Plus and added some positive aspirations among customers. He mentioned that additional space has been incorporated to the car which will certainly charm customers.

“I am confident that this new model will be a game changer not only in the electric vehicles segment but also among all other categories of cars.” Pravin Shah mentioned. Apart from that, he enlightened on why e2o Plus is a next generation car. Rising pollution levels is not the only reason but also the soaring fuel prices.  An electric car can salt away exorbitant fuel price and at the same time accomplish the urban duties. Until Tesla’s arrival, e2o will remain as the only electric car available.

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