Maruti Ignis Petrol & Diesel Review from an ex Maruti loyalist

Maruti Nexa Ignis

I have been a Maruti loyalist for decades now. Well almost. It started with the good old Omni that used to ferry our joint family from Delhi to Punjab, thanks to a makeshift bed we made on the inside each time. The Gypsy came in next which took us to the snowed out towns of Himachal Pradesh. The 800 followed, followed by three Zens back to back, an Esteem and finally the DZire. We still have this last one with us – over 1,62,000 km on the odo and she refuses to let it go.

So you can pretty much make out that I grew up with this brand. My first driving lessons were on a Zen, my first ‘date’ was in an Esteem and I can go on and on about my family’s love with this company. However, I decided to shift loyalties in 2011 when I bought the Hyundai i20, followed by a Chevrolet in 2012 and a Mahindra in 2015. You see I wanted to break away from the ‘mere dad ki maruti’ image that Maruti cars were labelled with. I wanted something different and the i20 and other cars served that purpose.

Maruti Ignis Nexa

Maruti understands this very problem and hence was born Nexa. The S-Cross, Baleno and now, the Ignis. The cars don’t even carry a Maruti badge on the outside, look new age (okay, not the S Cross) and give the customers an experience never before seen in the industry. The Ignis aims to take this all to a new level.

Maruti Ignis Nexa
I agree, not the best angle to look at her!

If you are looking for a practical and a spacious family hatchback, please close this page right away. The Ignis isn’t your ‘ideal’ car and this is evident from the word go. It looks different, even if in a negative way from a few angles. But then so are some of the hair (and beard) styles we ‘young’ people carry nowadays! The Ignis will make you feel noticed on the road and this is among the top priorities for a young buyer today. They want the bling factor at a relatively affordable price. Which other hatchback under Rs 10 lakh can turn more heads on the road? A Punto Evo may be…

Maruti Ignis Nexa
Blue looks good?

A lot has been said about the way the Ignis looks. I won’t drag it further but will put my 2 cents here. Dual tone option along with black alloys really ups the ante and Maruti, err, Nexa is offering numerous options for customization.

For me, the Ignis scores top marks in the design department. Over to the interiors now.