Review: Moonbow Car Air Purifier

moonbow car air purifier

I am planning to shift to the hills permanently in the next few years. No, its not only got to do with my love for the Himalayas but the ever increasing pollution levels in urban cities. We all know the air quality levels in NCR and I have seen the side effects first hand. Our bodies need ‘clean air’ and the long term damages of poor air quality can lead to problems of varies levels. While this has also invented the air purifier industry in India, I was particularly looking for a good car air purifier as I end up spending 3-4 hours on the road on an average.

The Moonbow car air purifier came to the rescue last month. Launched at Rs 6,990 a while back, I have used this in various cars – from the big XUV to the little Beat. It goes about doing its duties silently, slowly converting the poor air inside your car into clean and pure one. All you need to do is plug it into your car’s 12V power outlet.

moonbow car air purifier

The Moonbow car air purifier can easily cover an area of 15-20 square feet. The company claims it can remove upto 99% of bacteria, dust, odor and mold. If you use this on a long term basis, even removing the upper filter is an easy job. So how does this work? There are four steps involved here:

  1. The pre-filter traps large particles such as human hair strands, pet dander and even dust particles
  2. The carbon filter then neutralizes the odor
  3. The HEPA filter inside removes microscopic particles as small as 0.3 microns – these include fine dust and pollen.
  4. Finally, the Energizer releases more than 12 million negative ions/cc to improve the air quality inside the car by combining with dust or reacting with odor molecules.
moonbow car air purifier
It can also be left on the co-driver seat

The Moonbow car air purifier can easily be installed behind the headrest of the co-driver seat. However, as I use different cars at home, I usually keep it on the co-driver seat itself. This device has a big visible indicator which has various light colors as per the air quality:

  • Red means the air contains a lot of harmful substances.
  • Blue means the air quality is average and can be improved.
  • Green means the quality of air is very good.

Another feature I love is the almost ‘touch’ like button for turning it ON or OFF as visible in this quick video:

For more details, you can head over to the official website of Moonbow


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