Royal Enfield Himalayan performance exhaust review

Royal Enfield Himalayan performance exhaust (1)

So I ended up purchasing a Royal Enfield. No, not the usual Bullet or Classic, but the new Himalayan. It so happened that I was at the media ride event of the bike in Himachal Pradesh earlier this year. It was a perfect setting : snowfall, rough road and high altitude. The Himalayan had me hooked. However, the first set of production bikes were spending more time in the workshop than on the roads. This meant delaying my purchase decision till 31st August 2016. Thankfully the test bike I rode had the official performance exhaust slapped on and a ride later, I made sure my bike would get one too.

Royal Enfield Himalayan performance exhaust (8)
L to R: Original vs the official performance exhaust

Its day number 3 with the Himalayan and after 95km on the odometer, I can safely say the exhaust is highly recommended. The sound also means I have to push the bike onto the society road before starting it at home : don’t want the neighbors to start developing hatred for the bike you see!

Royal Enfield Himalayan performance exhaust (2)
It costs Rs 3,700 and shipment to various dealers has started. It looks exactly like the normal exhaust but with a silverĀ end can with a bigger outlet. Don’t know about the weight difference but what matters is the sound. It is deep, loud and music to my ears. Icing on the cake is the racket it creates when you let go of the throttle – the after burn pop corns are really nice. They do make sure street mongrels run away with their tails between the legsĀ but if a bike ain’t loud, she ain’t good right?

Another shot
Another shot


Audio files:

Here are two videos. The first one is a static one via phone. Second is a riding one via my SJCam. Like it? Please share it!

This video is via helmet cam. You will need to use earphones and max up the volume as the casing muffles the sound.