Tata Hexa Review from a current XUV500 owner [100 images]



The Hexa lived up to the expectations I had while flying into Hyderabad. The fit and finish and paint quality levels are really high. The cabin genuinely feels rich and is feature loaded. The ride quality is best in segment and NVH levels are something that can be compared with a 20 lakh rupee diesel sedan. It can easily take 6 people into the toughest off-road areas and the engine has oodles of torque for cross country runs. And I am fan of the 6-speed automatic : can I have one with torque on demand AWD set-up please?


The Hexa is a good balance between a hardcore SUV and a comfortable people mover MPV. It seems to offer the best of both the worlds. The steering is a bit heavy, the engine could do with a punchier low end but that’s about it. As a XUV owner, the Hexa did impress me a lot. For a person who likes heading out for long trips every month, the Hexa further makes up for a great choice due to its road manners and a very spacious cabin.

Pricing will play a key role here. Tata Motors has done that in the past with the Tiago, undercutting all its rivals by a good margin. That means it wont be wrong to assume a base price in the region of Rs 11 to 11.5 lakh. At this price, the Hexa makes up for a fantastic all-rounder. ’nuff said!

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    • If you have as much as 10km of daily off-roading, the Hexa would be a better pick. All said and done, the XUV is more of a MPV and the Hexa feels better off the road. Bigger wheels, suspension set-up and wheel articulation play a vital role.

  1. Bunny,
    I was waiting for your initial review. And you didn’t disappoint!

    Read it with max concentration and visualising myself in your place.

    I’ll definitely wait for trying it myself before gunning for an XUV.

    If you can shed some light on its different variants, it’d be great help.

  2. What would you say In regard to being a better all rounder? The Hexa or the XUV? If am talking of the realistic world, 80% tarmac and 20% offroad. And real world service cost and ownership experience. As I’ve read it somewhere, the auto transmission of the Hexa costs 7lakh and cannot be fixed has to be replaced, If am right. That is half the cost of the car.